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Author Topic: Introduce yourself, seasoned Members feel free to re-introduce yourself too!!  (Read 10589 times)

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Offline Bass-Brat

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Good morning every one . New guy here. I'm retired , married , (almost 42 yrs) , have 3 sons , 5 grand children , a 14 ' Lowes semi v.

Mostly I fish lakes in N.E. Ohio. The strip mines in S.E. Ohio and the Ohio river once in a while. H ope to make a few friends here.

Offline Jig Man

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Glad to have you on board.  I am a really old fart here in SWMO.  I don't know much about fishing but I do enjoy this forum.
Jig Man from MO

Offline Waterwings

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Welcome Aboard!   8)
Carrot Stix LTX

Offline pondhopper

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I am the really old fart in North West Kentucky. I sometimes take them youngins like Waterwings and #1 backlasher out and let them show me how to fish.
We fish lakes around Henderson and Madisonville Kentucky, and Blue Grass strip pits near Evansville Indiana. Iím running a 1542.
BTW we like pictures so be sure to post up your catches.

Offline KyFisherman

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I actually found this site looking for a place I could buy a bunch of old worms called Mann's Manipulators that my dad used to use.

Offline Steve Leifheit

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Hey all! I'm from York Maine. I found you guys by actually looking for a fisherman forum.
Anti-exaggeration campaign. Keep it real guys, tell them how big it was within 12 inches :)

Offline SNAGgedONlimb

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Hello all, 

I stumbled on to you from a fishing forum search.    I've just started getting back into fishing.   So I need help finding good local places.
For now I feel stuck.  I'd like to get out there, but don't know where.   Like the user name I chose I snagged a limb.   ???

Any suggestions?



Offline GMAN

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welcome aboard.  I really like the name.  Its fitting for me. LOL
From: Missouri

Offline Jim

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Jim here, in Floyd, Va.
Retired from industrial construction as a pipefitter/welder. My favorite activities are casting, handloading, shooting and mentoring my two adopted grandsons.

I must admit a serious character flaw, though. I enjoy terrorizing the Bluegill population of the local farm ponds!

 As if that's not bad enough, I practice genocide on the Largemouth Bass.

It's just shameful, I tell ya' !

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That's AWESOME Jim! You can't ask for a better retirement and you have 2 great looking grandkids to teach fishing to.
Now that you're retired, you can post some nice fish pics for those of us that work during the day and envy you at night...LOL! Enjoy you're retirement! 

Offline stumpy

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Hello all I too am new here I call west Blocton, Alabama home and love my family and BASS fishing. Anything else anyone wants to know just ask


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Jack, Thanks for the shout out. I am newly located to Florida. Bass fishing is about the only thing that gets me out of bed.  My 7 yr. old grandson is my primary partner and he always reminds me to bring the net. Let's talk about fishing.
Bass don't eat what they don't see.


Offline Aussieangler

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Re: Introduce yourself, seasoned Members feel free to re-introduce yourself too!!
« Reply #62 on: September 03, 2013, 06:39:29 PM »
Hi all, my name is David I live in Australia. I am planning a fishing trip to the states to fish for bass. I am a 95% lure fisherman. Salt and freshwater. 27 years old and looking for advice and ideas as I have never been to the states.

Any help would be amazing

Cheers Dave